“The local church does not so much need a more compelling vision of how to be a better church, rather I believe the local church needs a more compelling and grander vision of GOD – then it becomes a better church!”

               – Stuart McKnight

          Welcome to Theology Now!

It seems that God has significantly changed our plans – without asking our permission! This has opened up some new opportunities. This video gives an update on the McKnight’s news, and introduces you to the work of Theology Now.

Feel free to check out the RESOURCE page where you can find a series on LENT, CHRISTOLOGY and THE TRINITY, as well as a selection of other longer teaching videos and a 9 part series on REVELATION. Enjoy!

COVID-19 is a serious dilemma for the world. The Church is trying to navigate new challenges and hard questions. This video below presents “A Brief Theology For COVID-19. Also below is our launch series “The Trinity”.  Enjoy! (Check out ‘Heretics are Helpful’ below, to get the wheels turning!)